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Our specialty lies in residential surface finishing. That finishing can be interior or exterior, and we delight in the opportunity to provide custom finishes.

4 Step Process

We have a four step process that applies to every project we take.

Step 1.
We protect ALL furniture, floors and all non-painted surfaces not included in the current surface finishing job.
Step 2.
We prepare the surfaces that will be receiving the finish we apply. This step can take more time even than finish application, because it is a critical step that cannot be overlooked or rushed through. We scrape off any loose paint, repair holes, sand those areas, prime them and repair any cracks. This preparation step is labor intensive, but it assures the customer of the highest quality and longest lasting paint or finish job possible. Deterioration begins soon without proper surface preparation. Even though results look fine for a while, the entire process can need to be repeated in as little as a single year where the surface has not been properly prepared. We take great pains with proper surface preparation so that the results are long lasting.
Step 3.
Only after completing Steps 1 and 2 do we move on to actually applying the color, stain or faux finish the customer desires; MR Professional Painting provides all paint, stain and glazes, for two reasons. The first is for the customer’s convenience. The second is that we can ensure that we are using only the highest quality coatings that will provide the best and longest lasting results. We work with the customer to determine appropriate colors and finishes, and we offer up to three free samples so the customer can see true colors inside his own home. We provide you with color schemes that you have in mind and can modify them where needed. We can adjust any shade to make it lighter or darker. We also work with interior designers to ensure proper results.
Step 4.
Our company pronounces every job finished only when the customer does. A site foreman inspects all work throughout the project and at its completion. When the site foreman believes the project is complete, it is inspected a final time by Robert, the owner.

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