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Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is crucial to achieving pleasing, long lasting results. Often, the surface preparation begins with patchwork of some kind. In many instances, beginning patchwork is limited only to patching small nail or tack holes and sanding the area smooth before applying the surface finish. In other cases, the homeowner may need to have drywall or surface texturing repaired or altered.

Where texture needs only to be repaired, our professionals match the existing texture so that the patch cannot be found when the job is done. In other cases, the homeowner or interior designer requires that we duplicate an existing texture on another wall. We will do that as well.

In this uncertain housing market, many of our residential customers are choosing to renovate their current homes rather than move to another and have to deal with selling their current home. Where construction renovations have occurred, we provide patchwork services that unify new areas with previously existing ones. Whatever your patchwork needs, our professionals can meet any repair or texturing challenges with professional results.

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